Topane Gayus Lumbuun


One of the power of the Constitutional Court (MK) is to examine
the laws under the Constitution regarding its substance or the
contents of the laws as well as procedural aspect of the law
making. The MK power can be categorized as a negativelegislation from the perspective of legislation of laws, because
it can revoke the laws if such laws are in contradiction with
1945 Indonesian Constitution. Therefore, the MK judgment
revoking the norms in contradiction to the 1945 Indonesia
Constitution is binding and final. With such final and binding
in nature, there is no legal appeal which can be done to
challenge of MK judgment’s. Follow up of such judgment, is
the positive legislation held jointly by the President and the
DPR. Then, the problem is that MK judgments do not
automatically receive response from DPR for its amendment or
its revision as mandated by MK. Practically and in its
implementation, DPR has not implemented the MK judgment
and as such the execution of MK’s judgment is not as easy as it
seems. There are two important factors for DPR in conducting
legislative review. The first relates to the controversies contained
in thse substance of MK’s judgment . Secondly relates to the
mechanism and submission structure of draft laws to DPR which
should be planned and integrated scheme of national legislation


substance of laws; negative legislation; positive legislation; legislative review

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