M. Aliamsyah .


Information system can make someone easier in carrying out or completing
the tasks. Information system develops in line with human civilization, using
any available facilities at that time, with the use of stone and walls of
caves in ancient times up to the usage of information technology today.
A legislation information system is a system created as a tool or a source of
information of legislation that will benefit the legal drafter in the preparation
of legislation and for people who want to find legal information and
legislation. In fact, the legal drafter in supporting their work has not
optimally utilized the information system of legislation that exists today.
That situation caused by other factors such as the level of ability and
willingness of the utilization of information system of legislation that is
still lack and the absence of regulatory information system legislation that
created by adapting a standard of accuracy and validity of the data.


information technology; legislation information system; legislative drafter.

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