Fitra Arsil


The Constitutional Court has played a major and decisive role
in the last election in 2009. Major role has even begun long
before the general election phase began to be implemented and
the end of the election stage is also determined by the role of
the Constitutional Court. Role of the Constitutional Court is not
limited to law enforcement types contained in the Act governing
the elections, namely the dispute over the result but much bigger
than that. Interestingly, in performing its role the Court has
issued decisions controversy that has never previously
encountered, even the decision of the Court authority also
intersecting with other judicial institutions. But on the other side
is also found in guarantees of citizens rights and minimal
protection can actually be done by the Constitutional Court.
Election 2009 also suggests that institutions like the
Constitutional Court that can act as a determinant of a very
delicate political process that could drag the politicization of
this institution out of the originality.


Constitutional Court; election; disputes regarding general election results; judicial review

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