Emil Salim


The world is facing a crucial issue of climate change, which
since 1992 is to be tackled through the UN Framework of
Convention on Climate Change. Its implementation till today
proves to be unsatisfactory. Conventional development has
failed to cope with climate change issues. The need emerges to
follow a different path of development: sustainable development
embracing simultaneously economic, social and environmental
sustainability pursued on the low-carbon growth path to reach
for the Millennium Development Goals.
Indonesia is also committed to sustainable development in
accordance to the amended Constitution 1945 and its derivatives
that have been promulgated during the last decade. The
legislation of laws and regulations in Indonesia suffers however
serious institutional failures that has to be dealt with in the
near future. A more appropriate institution for legislation is
called for to improve the effectiveness of Indonesian law making
in meeting the future challenges of the nation and the globe as

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