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Devices legislation at the local level one of them is local
regulation. Local regulations are part of national law, has
an important and strategic position in implementing one of
the tasks of regional autonomy and the duty of assistance,
and outlines legislation higher. Local regulations are based
on local needs in managing their respective areas, local
regulations must be principle accommodate justice and public
interest areas. Regulations prohibited area contrary to the
laws of higher, and prohibited violate the public interest. In
addition local regulations should be drafted based on legal
requirements and in accordance with the provisions of
legislation, especially Law Number 10 Year 2004 on the
Formation of Laws and Regulations. The current inventory
local regulations, many local regulations are not fully prepared
to apply the settings in accordance with the provisions of Act
No. 10 of 2004, based on this reality would need to be
facilitated by technical assistance drafting local regulations
constantly and continuously. Local Regulation Facilitation
Directorate has provided facilitation and mediation in the
form of consultation, technical assistance, provision and
regulation of data processing areas. One form of facilitation
activities conducted in the form of local regulation studies,
so the compilers legislative drafting local regulations can
increase knowledge and understanding of drafting local
regulations. It is expected that through the study of regional
regulations, the compilers of local regulations may increase
the knowledge and skills in formulating local regulations
that more qualified, so that later on there was no local
regulations canceled.


Regional Regulation Study

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